Systems Furniture

Systems and cubicle furniture can be confusing, but our staff has more experience than anyone in the Triad. Whether you want new, used, or refurbished, Simmons Office Interiors can help. Keep in mind, however, that today’s technology needs may often outstrip what a 20-year-old used or refurbished system can provide.

It’s really all about what’s best for you. And we’ve made it easy with Trendway’s Choices panel system. Whether it is touch down places, collaborative team spaces, personal work stations, or tailored managerial offices, you’ll appreciate the proven quality and high performance solutions possible with Choices by Trendway. With Choices, we make it simple to create unique, inspiring, and highly functional spaces. System elements integrate with Trig® Desking and Intrinsic® Freestanding—blending beautifully to provide almost limitless design flexibility.

Looking for a more sustainable approach? Here is where we really do away with that used or refurbished rationale. Trendway’s "Less is More" Program makes it easy to create beautiful, responsible spaces with a pre-selected array of products and materials that create less waste in manufacturing, without sacrificing style, function, or your pocket book.